Getting Started

argo allows you to easily manage a project's webhooks, notifications, and integrations -- all from the command line.

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  • WebHooks

    Simplify and standardize your setup process. You can set up in an existing project, or have argo create it for you. Argo automatically adds your argo webhook to the repo, so you can start adding rules and behaviors without leaving the command line.

  • Central Notifications

    Keep your webhooks and their behavior in one centralized location. Whatever third-party services or repository-specific rules you have (or wish you had), argo gives you a single source to manage that. And, again, it’s all available from the command line.

  • Service Integration

    Configuring specific actions with argo is easy. The prompts walk you through each option, including storing common service URLs for use across projects. Specify actions based on new commits, pull requests, branches, tags -- whatever your heart desires.


BYOI: Bring your own infrstructure.
argo integrates into many services that you probably already use.

  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • Slack
  • GitLab
  • More

Coming Soon

argo is under development at Cuttlesoft.
We began building an internal version almost one year ago and are excited to see it nearing public release.

If you wish to be notified when argo is publically available, please sign up.